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Senior Resource Consulting was formed in response to the growing and critical need of today’s elderly population and their families. We are dedicated to empowering seniors and their adult children to have more control over the complex process of finding appropriate senior housing. With more than 20 years of experience in the long-term care arena, we bring valuable insights and offer independent advice on the array of senior housing options to be considered.

Our sole commitment is to seniors and their families. We have no affiliation with, and receive no placement or “incentive” fees from, any facility. In working with clients, we take a hands-on approach, doing everything we can to guide seniors and their families through a very difficult, and often overwhelming, transition process. We perform many tasks that, due to time or distance, may not be possible for family members to handle on their own.


Our services range from a detailed analysis of current health and housing status, and assessment of the appropriate level of housing, to specific recommendations for placement, based on availability and on-site visits, if desired. We also offer elder mediation to resolve conflicts in a range of situations among all concerned parties, and ongoing care management regarding medication, treatment, and visitation.

With personal support and professional guidance from Senior Resource Consulting, you’ll have the comfort of knowing you’ve made the best possible decisions – to meet your or your loved one’s specific needs, today and tomorrow.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping families faced with the realities of caring for their loved ones in their golden years. We pledge to provide a unique and creative level of service that respects the dignity and integrity of our clients. Our resources are comprehensive, yet flexible, to meet the needs of individuals in any living environment, whether at home or in a facility.

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