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Our goal is to help seniors remain as independent and healthy as possible in the most optimal living environment. We offer the following services, which will be personalized to fit your individual situation.

  • Conduct a thorough in-home needs assessment of the senior and family

  • Discuss and identify goals and desires

  • Provide information about appropriate agencies and community services, and other senior resources

  • Assist in the decision-making process

  • Design a care plan for immediate and long-term needs

  • Give guidance and support to out-of-town family members

  • Provide care management, including rehabilitation

  • Use elder mediation to help resolve conflicts among all concerned parties

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  • Perform ongoing assessment and reevaluation of physical and mental capacity, recommending any necessary changes or interventions

  • Coordinate household management, including meals and companions

  • Serve as liaison with medical and other professionals

  • Coordinate living arrangements, including assisted living, skilled nursing or retirement communities, as well as home health services

  • Act as advocate for seniors and their families

Resolving Conflicts

Through elder mediation, we can help improve communication, resolve conflicts, and preserve relationships between seniors and their families. Serving as a neutral third party, we work with all persons involved to reach agreement on difficult decisions that affect their well-being and quality of life. In this process, we strive to maintain the senior’s dignity and autonomy, while fostering understanding of all family members’ concerns and needs.

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